So far here on Turbo Surfer I have spoken a lot on the subject of branding, and why a business should be branding itself online. It’s actually a pretty important topic though. Think about it: Most people always have their phone nearby so they will use it to perform a search.

This fact alone means that people do more searching online when they need a local business. Therefore, a business needs to build a brand online to compete with others in the same area in order to be one of the first businesses that customers see during search. Businesses without online brands won’t receive near as much visibility because they cannot even compete with the ones that do.

The goal of the search engines (including Facebook, YouTube, and Google,) is to deliver the user the most comprehensive and authoritative content on the subject they are searching for. Many factors contribute to what websites and business listings will be shown first as opposed to last, but a strong and consistent branding strategy is the key to achieving the most exposure.

The trend of online search is only going to grow as the years go by, so it really is becoming more important now than ever to grow a brand online. It will only become more difficult in the future to keep a business showing at the top of potential customer’s search results, so getting started as soon as possible is the most important investment that any business owner can make in themselves. 

So in summary, the 3 big reasons to brand are:

1.) You create authority and trust by being everywhere your potential customers are searching for your services. Reviews put the cherry on top of this, so averaging 1-2 a month will benefit rankings.

2.) You achieve more exposure in building a brand that shows up at the top of relevant searches

3.) You get the best return on investment over time by being everywhere your customers are, which can lessen the cost of paid advertising or eliminate it all-together.

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