How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

People everywhere utilize the power of marketing on social media every day, but many often wonder if there is a right time, or right amount of times for that matter, to post. So to address the question of how often you should post online, there really is no right answer.

Sure there are times when your audience is online at specific hours of the day but at the end of the day, the decision is up to you.

I understand the want for effectiveness but for highly successful people like Grant Cardone, posting on social media twice an hour, for most hour of every day is a common practice. It’s called being different and standing out among the noise which if you plan to make it in internet marketing land, you absolutely must do.

So how do you come up with the best schedule for you?

From some of my other actions and research, I have learned that your niche depends on the best time of day for you to post on social media. Continue Reading