The internet space is huge and it’s more than here to stay. If you are a business and you aren’t marketing yourself online, you will be in for a pretty rude awakening over the next few years.

Reputation management is the new form of publicity that people, and especially business owners should be focusing on, as this affects the way people perceive you online. This means reviews, both good and bad, are crucial to your publicity online, and ultimately influence buying decision.

Here are three helpful tips for getting your gaining online publicity in a good way so that you can have people find your business and then covert those people into customers.

1.) Be Where Your Customers Are Looking

Most searches start with Google now days, so that is the number one spot you want to be.

If you are a local business, your first step is to register for a Google My Business listing, which can be done when you visit the homepage. Simply look to the bottom at click on the ‘Business’ tab.

From here you also want to list your business on Facebook and Twitter at the least, and even Pinterest and LinkedIn if you’re really feeling it.

Just remember that more places people can find your business, the more chances you will have to convert them into customers.

2.) Be Responsive

Despite what it may seem, people will call your business through Facebook as they are using this platform more and more frequently for search.

The point is that no matter where people call or email you from, you need to be responsive. You wouldn’t believe how many businesses I have encountered over the years that will never answer their phone.

3.) Be Consistent

No matter how you are marketing yourself or your business online, you should always stay consistent among anything else.

This ensures people that you are around to answer their questions and that you have a genuine interest in helping them with the service they need. Most companies won’t do this so the ones that do will win in the end.

To be more specific about being consistent, this just means posting on social media profiles, responding to reviews, seeking new review opportunities and networking online and offline whenever you can.

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